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naučna fantastika, horor (1958)

How to Make a Monster

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How to Make a Monster


How to Make a Monster




naučna fantastika, horor


73 min


Herbert L. Strock


Herman Cohen
, Aben Kandel

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Heather Ames
  >  Arlene Dow
Morris Ankrum
  >  Police Capt. Hancock
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  >  Richards
Paul Brinegar
  >  Rivero
Gary Clarke
  >  Larry Drake--Teenage Werewolf
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  >  Tony Mantell--Teenage Frankenstein
Dennis Cross
  >  Monahan
Rodd Dana
  >  Lab Technician
Jaclyn Hellman
  >  Jane
Robert H. Harris
  >  Pete Dumond
Thomas Browne Henry
  >  Martin Brace
Eddie Marr
  >  John Nixon
Paul Maxwell
  >  Jeff Clayton
Paulene Myers
  >  Millie
John Phillips
  >  Detective Jones
Walter Reed
  >  Detective Thompson
Robert Shayne
  >  Gary Droz
Joan Chandler
  >  Marilyn


When a master monster make-up artist is sacked by the new bosses of American International studios, he uses his creations to exact revenge.
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