Khuda Kay Liye


drama, istorijski, kriminalistički, triler (2007)

Khuda Kay Liye

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Khuda Kay Liye


Khuda Kay Liye




drama, istorijski, kriminalistički, triler


168 min


Shoaib Mansoor


Shoaib Mansoor
, Faiza Mujahid
, Bulleh Shah

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  >  Moulana Tahiri


After going through a bitter divorce through a Caucasian wife, U.K.-based Hussain Shah now lives in a common-law relationship with another Caucasian woman. Angered that his daughter, Mary, is dating a Caucasian male, Dave, he counsels her to stop seeing him as it is forbidden for women to marry outside Islam. But when Mary persists, he relents and permits her to marry, provided she travels with him to Lahore, Pakistan, to meet his estranged mother and brother, to which she agrees. Once there, Mary is then taken to a remote area in Afghanistan and forced to marry her cousin, Sarmad Khan, a singing artiste, who has turned conservative after being influenced by Moulana Tahiri. Sarmad's brother, Mansoor, re-locates to Chicago, to enroll for music lessons with Professor Lincoln, meets with Caucasian fellow-student, Janie, and both fall in love with each other. Than the events of 9-11 will result in Mansoor's arrest by the CIA. He is isolated, humiliated, fed pork, tortured endlessly until ...
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  • ELLA090280
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    26.12.2011. 18:05
    Khuda Kay Liye (original title)                          akaIn the Name of God (2007)              žija:Shoaib MansoorScenarij:Shoaib Mansoor, Faiza Mujahid, Bulleh ShahŽanr:Krimi, Drama,TrilerDržava:PakistanJezik:Urdu | English | Punjabi (nekoliko rečenica i pjesme) ,Arapski (nekoliko rečenica)Shaan as Mansoor    Fawad Afzal Khan as Sarmad    Iman Ali as Maryam/Mary    Naseeruddin Shah as Maulana Wali    Austin Marie Sayre as Janie    Rasheed Naz as Maulana Tahiri    Simi Raheal as Mother of Mansoor and Sarmad    Hameed Sheikh as Sher Shah                                 YOUTUBE LINK   Dva brata Pakistanca, oba umjetnici, doživljavaju promjene koje dolaze nakon što se susreću sa Islamskim fundamentalistima i američkom vladom, a nakon terorističkog napada devetog novebra.  Film prati i život njihove rođake,...Nagrađen.Prevod uradio Gaca62TITL [učitaj cijeli komentar]