horor (2020)

Light from the Tower

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Ocjena korisnika
Light from the Tower


Light from the Tower






77 min


Alex R. Wagner


Julia St. Pierre

Glavne uloge:

Alex R. Wagner
  >  Costume Guy
Will F. Young
  >  The Chef
Christopher Coakley
  >  The Director
Dov Lebowitz-Nowak
  >  The Stage Manager
Sarah Rosengarten
  >  The Costume Designer
Nikki Delmonico
  >  Nikki
Joe Ventricelli
  >  The Actor
Sarah Villegas
  >  Sarah
Buckner Hinkle
  >  The Supporting Actor
Amber Bloom
  >  The Producer
Julia St. Pierre
  >  The Actress
Amy Soraghan
  >  The Housekeeper
Katharine Ariyan
  >  Kate


A costumer designer is sent to the Catskills for an interactive theatre piece set in the 1920s. When she arrives things seem dark, strange and off. She soon realizes she is part of a student film.
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