My Best Friend


porodični (2016)

My Best Friend

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My Best Friend


My Best Friend






95 min


Paul Della Pelle


Erika Kao-Haley
, Paul Della Pelle

Glavne uloge:

Catherine Bach
  >  Pearl
Patrick Muldoon
  >  Allen
Spike Spencer
  >  Standford the Horse (voice)
Monty Wall
  >  Gruber
Madeline Vail
  >  Sandra Powell
Tanya Lang
  >  Shelby's Mom
Penny Della Pelle
  >  Naomi
Alexis Rosinsky
  >  Kristen
Sofia Rosinsky
  >  Shelby
Dane Jamieson
  >  Zach
Hannah Naomi Kercheval
  >  Ashley (as Hannah Kercheval)
Arella Danell
  >  Athena
Hailey Silviera
  >  Shasta
James Phillips
  >  Bo
Laila Haughey
  >  Amber


Every teenage girl wants a horse and a BFF with a sense for fashion and teenage dynamics. Kristen is the luckiest 13-year-old in the world - she has it all. Moving away from the city and her best buddy Ashley, Kristen and her father arrive at Grandma Pearl's country ranch. Now Kristen has to adjust to a new life on the ranch, to new friends and a totally different style of fashion. With the help of her new BFF - a talking horse named Stanford, she's finally fitting in. Stanford, being a beauty himself, helps Kristen out as they become inseparable. But, sometimes even best friends can be a little bit jealous of other friends, too.
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