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drama (2011)

The Liquid Bomb Plot

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The Liquid Bomb Plot


The Liquid Bomb Plot






71 min


Ben Chanan

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Jemma Churchill
  >  Alex
Stefan Davis
  >  Umar Islam
Faraz Ayub
  >  Tanvir Hussain


It's August 2006. A UK terrorist cell plans to launch suicide bombs that would have resulted in the world's largest and deadliest attack since 9/11. The plot involved exploding devices disguised as soft drinks and, if it had succeeded, would have blown planes from the sky killing 2,000 people in a single night. The failed plan has changed the nature of UK air travel to this very day - with restrictions still in place on the amount of liquid passengers can carry. Featuring dramatic reconstructions and interviews with the men who worked to stop the slaughter, this is the tale of Britain's massive surveillance operation.Travelling between the upper ranks of Washington, the dusty streets of Pakistan and the inner cities of Britain, this fast-paced documentary brings together the work of the UK police, MI5, the CIA, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Pakistani officials and others in their efforts to stop the bombers. From former Home Secretary John Reid to the undercover agents who monitored the suspects, you'll hear from those involved in foiling the terrorists' plans.
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