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  • Našli smo 1676 rezultata.
  • Žanr: dokumentarni
  • The Century of the Self

    The Century of the Self (2002)


    Dokumentarac opisuje kako su vlade zapadnih zemalja osmislile propagandu na temelju ideja Sigmunda Freuda, osnivača psihoanalize, koja je promijenila percepciju ljudskog uma i kako on funkcionira. U...
  • The Life of Birds

    The Life of Birds (1998)


    David Attenborough's comprehensive and richly detailed study of birds, examining the variety of different species and their ways of life.
  • The Living Planet

    The Living Planet (1984)


    David Attenborough examines the ecology and biodiversity of each of Earth's major biomes, and warns of the dangers of humanity's current industrial life. Camera work is extraordinary, and all...
  • The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

    The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear (2004)

    istorijski, dokumentarni

    A series of three documentaries about the use of fear for political gain.
  • The Private Life of Plants

    The Private Life of Plants (1995)


    BBC dokumenra serija koju vodi slavni prirodnjak Dejvia Atenborou istražuje svet biljaka - rast, kretanje, preživljavanje. Deo je velikog ciklusa dokumentarnog programa "Life". Svaka od šest...
  • The Trials of Life

    The Trials of Life (1990)


    'The Trials of Life: A Natural History of Behaviour' je britanska dokumentarna serija o prirodi koju je napisao i prezentovao David Attenborough. Serija se fokusira na ponašanje životinja, ispunjena...
  • Tiny World

    Tiny World (2020)


    A look at the world through the eyes of the tiniest creatures and witness the extraordinary things they do to survive.
  • Unnatural Selection

    Unnatural Selection (2019)


    New developments in the science of gene-editing signal that society is on the verge of a technological breakthrough that could forever change the future of mankind. From disease eradication to trait...
  • Wake & Bake with Dom Brown

    Wake & Bake with Dom Brown (2021)


    Cannabis enthusiasts, this one is for you. Host Dom Brown pierces the smoky veil of the cannabis world to explore how the perfect flower was able to gain an economic foothold in a country that still...
  • Apocalypse la 1ère Guerre mondiale

    Apocalypse la 1ère Guerre mondiale (2014)


    Colorized historical footage in ascending order of World War 1. Not only the relatively known Flanders and France battles, but also the generally unknown Italian-Austrian, German-Polish-Russian...
  • Conan O'Brien Must Go

    Conan O'Brien Must Go (2024)

    komedija, dokumentarni

    Follows Conan O'Brien as he visits new friends he made through his podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend (2018), and engages in in-depth discussions with viewers from all around the nation and the...
  • Deadman's Curse

    Deadman's Curse (2022)


    In Deadman's Curse, former MMA fighter and prospector Kru Williams and young Indigenous explorer Taylor Starr join seasoned legend hunter and mountaineer Adam Palmer to finally solve the mystery of...
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